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Bob Brunsman

Thank you Sarah for your guidance and persistence in the process of obtaining my long-term care insurance. Your unfailing optimism through the challenging requirements is what got us to the finish line.  B. Brunsman

J & J Nailon

Sarah was very helpful in explaining the different long term care insurance plans. She helped us find a plan that worked with our needs and goals. Sarah was prompt in replying to questions and helpful to move the process along, giving us a nudge when needed. Once our plan was decided she helped guide us through the interview process and helped us with any form questions. I would highly recommend Sarah for any insurance needs.  J. Nailon

Howard B

Sarah was amazing! We were referred to her by a friend. When we first talked, she listened to what we needed and wanted, and then she went to work. She found several options that we would qualified for and were within out budget. She has a unique ability to communicate on the level of the listener. She made things easy to understand. She made things as easy as possible. When I had some qualifying glitches, She went significantly far and above, working hard to get the issue resolved and ultimately approved and qualified. It was amazing that she was able to accomplish what she accomplished. She communicated well and her response time is super fast. She absolutely follows through with everything. I would whole-heartedly recommend Sarah without any hesitation.  H. Burkhart

Steve V.

Sarah took the time to present and explain complex, innovative programs available to cover the costs of LTC. The information she provided was very useful in identifying programs that were good fits for us, and those that were not. She was very willing to re-address complicated bits and I know that I can come back to her at any time for (re)explanations of the program we signed up for. Sarah was also very willing to interact with our financial planner to get his feedback on, and to address his questions about, the set of options she proposed for us. I would highly recommend Sarah.-- S. Vosti

J Hodge

Sarah was very patient and thourough as she answered all our questions when discussing different plan options. I really appreciated her kindness and professionalism and would highly reccommend her to others. J. Hodge

Arlene M

I really appreciated Sarah Fisher's helpfulness, professionalism and follow through. She consistently answered my questions and provided helpful clarification. She is very knowledgeable and offers direct and clear communication. I appreciated her help and guidance through the process.  A. Miranda

john faulkner

I made contact with Sarah through an American Urological Association mailer about long - term care insurance. Sarah contacted me and we reviewed different plans and she guided me through the process of choosing a plan. She was professional, listened and was knowledgeable. She was not in a hurry but was able to move me along the steps without feeling pressured. It was easy to communicate with her. She was very responsive and her follow up was well timed. I confidently purchased my plan through her.  J. Faulkner

Mary Minando

Sarah was thorough and demonstrated knowledge of the industry as she walked me through the process. She was available during times that fit my schedule and kept me informed of what to expect. Sarah was very personable and I will recommend her to others looking for a pleasant experience. -- M Minando

Jennifer Hensley

Sarah Fisher is knowledgeable, up front, and diligent. She was on top of everything through the process of finding the right plan for me. She knows her stuff!  J. Hensely


Buying long term care insurance isn’t something that anyone really wants to do, but I realize how important it is. I have worked in the hospice field for many years, and have watched many families suffer during an already difficult time because they have no idea how to pay for their loved one’s room and board. I finally broke down and purchased it for myself, and am thrilled that I did! Sarah made the whole process easy-peasy! She quoted me a reasonable price and helped me through the process! I would definitely recommend her! D. Slabaugh


Sarah was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process. L. Rayburn



Jackie K

Sarah was very helping with enrolling me in long term care. She was very patient and answered my questions fully. She always responded to messages on a timely matter. I plan on recommending her to my friends. J. Koppel

Stacey M and Robert R

Sarah was incredibly helpful, very professional, and went far beyond the call of duty with our insurance needs. We had some inaccurate test results that necessitated reapplying for the insurance, so Sarah not only led us through a long process but also communicated very successfully with the doctors and insurance underwriters to smooth the way. She is very proactive and gets things done. I will absolutely be recommending her to my friends. Thank you again, Sarah.  S. McCown

Richard Valdez

If you are looking for a representative that will take the time to explain the various options for programs available, and will be patient and answer all the questions you may have, then Sarah is a person to be talking to.  R. Valdez

Andrea DeRochi

I really appreciated Sarah's patience with my decision-making and gentle follow-ups- not pressuring sales calls.  She explained multiple times the different plans b/c they are confusing and have a language all their own. I am glad to have a plan in place and feel relieved I have LTC insurance in place!  A. DeRochi

J. Pettyjohn

It was a pleasure working with Sarah. She presented the information professionally and explained our policy options in great detail, which my wife and I really appreciated. She kept us in the loop at every step during the approval process. Sarah was also very flexible in meeting with us on our schedule. We highly recommend Sarah for all your LTC policy needs.  - J. Pettyjohn

J. Kim

Sarah was a very clear communicator throughout the LTC insurance process. She followed up thoroughly at each step so that my job was very easy. What I liked about Sarah was her high professionalism and her being very patient in explaining every aspect of the process. I enjoyed working with her and I am planning to recommend her to some of my friends. Thank you for all your work, Sarah. -- J. Kim


Sarah walked us through the LTC enrollment process with diligence and thoughtfulness. We appreciated her explanations, guidance, thoroughness, and prompt responses to our questions. We're grateful that this complicated task is now complete! ~  T. Gonzalez

The Caseys

Sarah exemplifies professionalism in her field. She made a complicated topic like long term care insurance manageable and easy for us to understand. She helped us determine the best solution for our needs while being responsive to our questions. She pays close attention to detail and is very thorough. But most important Sarah cares. And that definitely came through when she worked with us.  M. Casey

Rosemary B

Sarah Fisher was absolutely terrific. Her leadership to help me navigate the computer was wonderful. She kept in contact with me to see how things are progressing. Sarah is truly an asset to the company.. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for Long Term Care Insurance. Rosemary B.

Donna G

Sarah is a true professional. she is responsive, knowledgeable and really cares. Though we went in a different direction, throughout our process she continued to work in detail to provide clear answers and help us have a full understanding. I would highly recommend Sarah. -- Donna G.

Shannon Abono

Sarah Fisher was terrific! She was really good at getting back to me and making sure the process ran smoothly!  Shannon A

Penny N.

Sarah Fisher did an amazing job educating us on Long Term Health Care Insurance. She was patient and answered all of our questions without pressuring us to purchase the insurance. She worked with us on our budget and made sure we felt comfortable with the plan we chose. She was pleasant to work with and is really knowledgeable about this type of insurance. Penny N.

cathy lebarron

My experience with Sarah Fisher was very good. Sarah is a true professional. She was very informative on all aspects of the different plans on long term care. Sarah made things easy and was comfortable to work with. Sarah Fisher is a true asset to ACSIA.  Cathy L.

Yolanda W

I am pleased to comment on my experience working with Sarah Fisher. Although I’d previously worked in the insurance industry, when I contacted Sarah about long term care (LTC) insurance, I knew very little and had a myriad of questions. Sarah, in a most professional and patient manner, not only answered my initial questions, but also those that came up as she walked me through the entire process of deciding if LTC was for me, reviewing available options, and making the best personal choice. I’m extremely grateful to Sarah for helping me to feel confident throughout the process, and I’m happy to have had the benefit of relying on Sarah’s expertise. She made my task much less daunting, and I am very satisfied with the final outcome. Yolanda W.

Charlene Nunes

Sarah was fantastic to work with!! I have been trying to get LTC insurance and it seemed everywhere I turned nobody wanted to help. Furthermore, no one could help me understand the policies or provisions in different offerings. I was very frustrated and confused. Then I happened upon Sarah. OMG!! What a difference!! Not only did she return my calls, she was very willing to answer/research my questions, make recommendations on the types of things to look for, and she was so great at presenting multiple options that best suited my conditions. Sarah was extremely thorough in explaining the differences between plans and once I selected one, she worked with me to make sure I had all the necessary information needed for the medical interview process. Thanks to Sarah, I now have Long Term Care coverage and I couldn't be happier. She really did make a huge impact in the process for me.  C. Nunes

Owen Poole

I really enjoyed working with Sarah. She helped me in deciding which policy to pursue and helped me in choosing the options within the policy. Further she guiding me through the medical interview process and help with the underwriting hurtles. Sarah specializes in long term health care and it shows in her ability to match you with the best policy to fit your circumstances. A true professional, O. Poole

Zhai W

It was a very pleasant experience working with Sarah for our long term care insurance. Sarah was so patient and communicated with us very clearly and effectively. She tried her best to explain us all different policy details and scenarios which could be suitable to us, and eventually let us to make the best decision based on our needs and financial situation. She is very professional and can always make the materials easy to understand. She is very reachable, and always does her best to accommodate our time for tele-meetings if possible. We highly recommend her to any friend who is looking for a long term insurance policy. W. Zhai

Jeffery Mio

Sarah was very attentive and kept me informed about the process. I enjoyed my interactions with her and valued her attention to detail.  J. Mio

Frank Miller

Sarah was and continues to be a great communicator and made my long term care project easy. She is the perfect picture of professionalism and personal contact. Its been a great transition to my future needs. thank you.   F. Miller

D. Kennedy

Sarah was a pleasure to deal with in helping me to set up a long-term health care insurance plan. She was always professional and was able to explain to a dolt like me what various options I had, and what was the best plan for my future needs. She had great "feel" for when to follow up with me, and made the entire process easy, and dare I say it, enjoyable. You can't go wrong having your insurance needs handled by Sarah
- D. Kennedy. 

Mor Marandi

Sarah recently helped my wife and I to get an Annuity/Long term Care policy. She was very helpful, always available and willing to gather and provide the necessary information and very professional and thorough without being pushy. I had initially thought about and considered a long term health care policy several years ago, but it was not always on the top of my priority list. I was very impressed with Sarah's persistence and follow through without being too pushy and overbearing. In the end, her perseverance worked! I would certainly recommend her to anyone considering such policy. --  M. Marandi


Sarah was great to work with. She was very knowledgeable about options, immediately responsive to questions, and extremely efficient in handling all the paperwork. I would recommend her without hesitation.  Y. Slominski

JoAnn Leonard

Sarah was very knowledgeable about the long term care options available and made the material easy to understand. She was very professional and patient with me while I was making a selection on which long term care plan was best for me. Her ability to communicate clearly and effectively made it a pleasure to work with her --J. Leonard

Esther Espinosa

Sarah was very professional and very knowledgeable. Sarah took her time explaining everything and made sure that I understood every detail from the very beginning until I was approved. Sarah kept every appointment with me and always on time and also followed up with an e-mail. But, beside all that, Sarah is the most pleasant person that I have ever spoken to on the phone. Thank you so much Sarah for all your help. Esther Espinosa

C Goldstein

We had an excellent experience with Sarah and would highly recommend her to anyone considering whether or not to invest in LTC insurance. Sarah is extremely professional and the depth of her expertise is quite obvious. This is a very complicated subject, and she knew the answers to every question we asked. She always followed up, and never pressured us. I think anyone who is considering LTC insurance would be very unwise to work through the education and the process themselves; you should call Sarah!  C. Goldstein

Mike Fono

Sarah was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. She stayed on top of all necessary documents for me, my doctors and the insurance companies she was working with. This process was easy to move through with Sarah's guidance. My wife and I have seen the benefits of long term care with our own parents and know this is a no brainer. Thank you Sarah for getting us enrolled in the program. -- M. Fono

Elizabeth Cesco

Sarah was very professional and thorough. She always keep her appointments and followed up with emails. She informed us every step of the way until we were approved. Thank you. E. Cesco

Cindy K

Sarah was very efficient and followed up as needed and very professional. I would recommend her to anyone looking for long term care. It is not always a pleasant thing to discuss but she made it a very comfortable process. Thank you Sarah! - C. Kositsky

Pier Carlo Talenti

I so appreciated Sarah's ability to explain the intricacies of all the long-term-care insurance policies out there. She worked patiently with me to help me identify a policy that fit my specific needs. I'm very happy with the product I ended up selecting. The fine print on these policies is dense; you need someone like Sarah to help you parse it and find out exactly what will work for you.-- PC Talenti

A. Larson

Sarah F. consistently communicated clearly and thoroughly. She went out of her way to ensure understanding, and related, offered a scope of options, thus ensuring confidence in the product settled on. she responded very quickly to all inquiries and happily revisited any questions. she was very professional and warm at the same time. she deftly and respectfully handled sensitive information! -A. Larson

Jon Bashor

We strongly recommend Sarah for helping find insurance that meets your needs and budget. After interacting with several pushy agents over the years, we got in touch with Sarah and she made it as painless as possible. She carefully walked us through our options, patiently answered our questions and continually kept things moving along. She's both efficient and effective, made sure we knew what to expect during the 30-minute screening interview and then wrapped things up quickly and neatly once we were accepted. Many thanks! Jon B.

Horacio Ferriz

I would like to give a big thumbs-up to Sarah for the great help she was to me when I was looking into getting Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance. She was very professional, and at every step of the way protected my right to privacy. The printed materials she sent me were of excellent quality, and she did a good job at explaining the why and how of LTC. When the time came to get serious and find me a good plan, she went to work for me and carefully sieved through the LTC offered by several insurance companies to find the policy that best met my needs and my budget. I didn't realize that buying LTC insurance was a somewhat long and complex process, but Sarah made it doable by tackling one thing at a time, and by keeping me informed in a timely manner of the progress of my application. I am very satisfied with the work she did for me :)   H. Ferriz

Siti T Wray

Sarah did an outstanding job in facilitating my long term care insurance transaction. She explained everything clearly and made it all easy to understand. She followed up to make sure everything was being done. Sarah is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to other people who may be looking for long term care insurance. Thank you Sarah! S. Wray

Dianne Chrisman

Sarah did an outstanding job in facilitating my long term care insurance transaction. First,she listened to my needs and preferences and recommended several types of policies, explaining each in easy-to-understand language. Then,she followed up with written examples, pointing out the strengths of each. She helped me focus and clarify my priorities and was very patient, even when I changed my mind. Her professionalism throughout the process as well as her personal touch helped me immensely in making this very important choice -- D. Chrisman

Scott S.

Sarah explained everything clearly and made it all easy to understand. When I ran into a snag with the initial application, she guided me through the process step-by-step and I was able to get a policy in the end. Thanks, Sarah! -Scott S.

Janet Mathiesen

Sarah was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in setting up my long term care plan. She also followed up to make sure everything was being done. Janet M.

WP and SP

Sarah is a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend her to other people who may be looking for long term care insurance. She was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in finding the right plan. Thank you very much. WP and SP

Kathy B

We do not hesitate to highly recommend Sarah to our family and friends. During the entire process, she was so professional, made the material easy to understand and whenever we had any questions, she communicated with us clearly and effectively every time; never failing to followup with us as promised. She even fought the insurance company for us regarding a personal matter and won!! From start to finish, Sarah is on your side!!  Kathy B.

Walt and Lisa H.

We initially started the process by requesting NO PRESSURE SALES. And "Insurance in general" is really a burden that no one wants to deal with. However, Sarah followed our request quite well and convinced us that we actually were purchasing something of "value" that might actually produce dividends in the future! And best of all. we are confident that we received the most value for our monies as we shopped around quite a bit. She provided us with our best options based on the fact that we did not want to spend any money, but in the end, my wife and I feel we will be very well covered in the event we ever need to utilize the care. She was informative, personable, professional, shared real life experiences she had dealt with, and all-in-all was quite pleasant to work with. We would recommend her abilities in any instance presented in the future. Thanks!  W. Holloway

Peter Hadres

Sarah was extremely helpful in providing me with the best plan for my circumstances. She was clear and concise, and committed to my understanding of the process and responsibilities. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for Long Term Health Care Insurance. -

P. Hadres

Pam S.

Sarah was so wonderful to work with in obtaining my long term care insurance. She was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. If there was something she didn't know she wouldn't hesitate to find the answer. I appreciated her kindness and support throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend her to others who may be looking for their own long term care insurance. Thank you Sarah for all your help! :-)   P. Slater


Sarah was a lucky find for us. We picked her name up from the internet and never had to turn back. Friendly, but all business, she allowed us to make decisions in a timely fashion without feeling pressured. Sarah patiently listened to our many concerns, and then came back with workable solutions -- a clear thinking and thoughtful communicator! We would recommend her without reservation.  T. and L. Norgaard

Tom Ovens

It is an absolute pleasure to recommend Sarah to anyone who wants information about Long Term Care Insurance. I could not be happier with every aspect of her service. She was extremely professional in providing me with the material I needed to make a decision. She anticipated many of my questions and responded to those that I voiced with directness and clarity. Beyond her professional manner, I felt very well cared for emotionally. She ended up feeling more like a friend than a sales person. I never felt pushed or rushed. She was very patient helping me with the application and deciding on the specifics of my plan. When there was a problem she went out of her way to solve it -   Tom. O.

Steve N

Sarah's knowledge of the Long Term Care Products are second to none. She was extremely helpful in helping me choose the right plan for my situation. We shopped multiple plans and compared benefits and rates to get me the best fit. I had so many questions, and she answered them all professionally and researched the issues before just spouting what I wanted to hear. Sarah's professionalism was evident, as she had the computer systems search the lowest rates, we could see and compare the rates right on her conference screen over the computer via online conferencing. Very convenient and like they say; a Picture is worth a Thousand Words! She has followed up with me every step of the way, and I look forward to working with her in the future as time progresses with my policy. Thanks again Sarah, you are the Greatest!! ??  Steve N.

Georgia H.

Sarah, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the assistance you have given me with PERS Long Term Care Insurance. I don't think I could have ever gotten a straight answer without your help. I have been trying for over a year to get something, ANYTHING done with that system, and never got a clue as to what I even COULD do until you stepped in for me. If anyone would like to speak me to about your expertise and tenacity in dealing with these outsized services, I will be more than happy to share my experience with them. Thank you, thank you. Georgia H

Karen Roberts

Sarah was fantastic with helping with my long term care insurance. She was knowledgeable and extremely helpful in finding me the right plan. Then there were some glitches and she was helpful and was able to get everything figured out and I now have my long term care insurance. I would recommend her to my friends - K. Roberts

C. McCabe

We are not going to go forward with another plan at this time. You were marvelously helpful, wish we had known of you earlier. We will certainly will recommend you. Thank you. Collette

Steve & Pat H.

We both have been so impressed by the patience, perseverance and professionalism shown to us by Ms. Fisher. We initially got in contact with Ms. Fisher over a year ago, and we just recently received our LTC policy. Due to several unexpected medical events which occurred during this past year, we were unable to move forward with the process for awhile. Even so, Ms. Fisher kept in contact with us, updated us on changes in the process, and generally communicated with us in a clear and understandable manner. She answered all our questions, sometimes several times over, and helped walk us through the LTC maze. We both are very pleased and highly recommend Ms. Fisher. 

The Berrys

After much denying that we may even need Long Term Care, we connected with Sarah to discuss the pros and cons of LTC insurance. She was extremely helpful in laying out the numerous options after dialoguing with us to determine our actual needs and desires. There are so many options available these days, that it was important to really find out what we wanted and then to bring that product to us for our input. Sarah was persistent in her questioning, detailed in her response to us, and was able to deduce what we were feeling and where we wanted to go with our LTC needs. It took a while, but that is a testament to Sarah's diligence and understanding in order to get the product we wanted. I would recommend using Sarah for your own insurance needs.

Bill & Colleen Rucker

Colleen & I are much appreciative of Sarah who not only did all the options research but also filling out all the paperwork, massaging the nuances and paid particular attention to details that made the process more streamline than if we were to attempt doing this by ourselves. We were presented with options, pros & cons, cost date and never had to interface with the process other than our individual interviews by the insurer. We were fully prepared as what to expect along with optimum responses to various types of questions. We were prepared and there were no surprises during the actual process. Thanks to Sarah, we feel better prepared for our "what if something happens" regarding the need for the possibility of extended care. THANKS SARAH!!!!!.  W. Rucker

The Gagliardi's

We'd been talking about obtaining LTC for a few years but the research and selection process seemed so overwhelming we kept putting it off. Then, we found Sarah. What a relief! Sarah made the entire process and LTC policy comparison "shopping" so easy and understandable. Sarah is friendly, professional, and always available for questions - she made this LTC decision so easy we should have/could have done it years ago. Since then, we have referred Sarah Fisher to 5 friends and family members and will continue to refer her --- K. Gagliardi

Cynthia Hall

Sarah was very knowledgeable regarding LTC. She was able to answer all our questions and tell us how different options would affect the price for the insurance. She assisted us very effectively through all the steps of the entire process. Even when we needed to wait several months to complete a treatment, she stayed with us and called back to see if we were still interested. She was always responsive to calls or messages and got back to us right away. I would highly recommend her as an agent. -- C. Hall

Mimi S

Sarah was patient, thorough and persistent, providing just the right amount of detail in response to every question. She made purchasing a comfortable long term care insurance policy a manageable task instead of an insurmountable one.  - Mimi S.


Sarah went above and beyond to secure the best policy available to me. Even being told, the insurance company would not insure me due to false RX did not falter her. She held my hand through the entire process until I had the insurance I desired. Her ability to communicate clearly and effectively, making the material easy to understand was outstanding. Sarah excelled at showing professionalism at all times, following up as appropriate over the extremely long process of proving to everyone involved the false RX was indeed just miscommunication brought on by a previous Insurance company requests. I recommend Sarah to anyone who needs someone willing to fight for them.  - Yours Sincerely Wendy F.

Dianna Ariani

Sarah was most helpful with follow through. It was difficult for me to decide what to do about long term care. Sarah was patient enough to allow me to go through my own processing. Additionally, she could explain the different types of policies for me to learn which was the best for me.   D. Ariana

Dianna Noyes

Sarah was very professional and always responded quickly with questions and information. She was able to explain the information and answer questions effectively and made the entire process of understanding long term care insurance and the process painless. I would (and have) recommend her to anyone interested in LTC. It has been a pleasure working with her. - D. Noyes

Jim and Joyce W

We give Sarah Fisher the highest compliments for helping us obtain long term health care insurance and guiding us through the process. Sarah made the material easy to understand, stayed in continuous contact with us with updates and advice, and always conducted herself in a very professional manner. We recommend Sarah Fisher for anyone considering long term health care insurance --  J. Walker

Melody Murray

Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for everything. You were very quick to get things done for me while still taking the time to explain everything and give me options. There was no pressure just options and great information. Very great service. Thanks Again. Happy Holidays. - M. Murray


Thank you Sarah for your dedication and professionalism. Sarah is bright, accessible, trustworthy, willing to patiently explain about different long term health care products and makes each step in the process easy. We felt taken care of. Choosing LTHCI is a big decision and Sarah very ably took us through the process. There was no high pressured sales pitch. We truly felt Sarah had our best interests in mind. We highly recommend Sarah Fisher -    Nancy S.

Katy Young

Sarah ably guided us through the process of selecting and purchasing long term care insurance. She stayed on top of the next steps and made it easy for us to follow along. I feel safe and protected knowing that we purchased a great insurance product. Thanks, Sarah, for your dedication and excellent customer service!  K. Young.

Avin C.

My wife and I wanted to get Long-Term Care insurance but we hesitated because we thought it would be too expensive. Also, we wanted to use our own resources instead of burdening our children. Sarah showed us a wonderful option which no other insurance agent had shown us before. The option allowed us to use our own IRA funds, along with a small monthly premium to extend the benefit period for both our lifetimes. The whole process took about 3 months, but Sarah guided us every step of the way, patiently answering all our questions, not only before we got our policy but also after we received the policy and had a chance to examine it in detail. We are very pleased with Sarah and are very happy to recommend her -  A. Chitnis

A Bronte

The experience we had with Sarah was entirely positive. She is a true professional rather than a "salesperson". She is knowledgeable about products offered and takes time to ensure her clients fully understand the various choices. Love the electronic capability, as well!  A. Bronte

Mikhail Sverdlov

Sarah is very knowledgeable and professional. I found her patient explanation helped me to understand concepts and options that I did not know. Very positive experience . Highly recommended. Mike Sverdlov.

Jerry F.

I want to thank you for being so thorough and professional in your explanation of the products available.  Jerry F.

Marianne G.

Sarah was patient with us throughout the process. Taking time to answer our many questions and putting our mind at ease. She is very trustworthy, always available and has a good sense of humor.  Marianne G.


Sarah Fisher is very knowledgeable, helpful and patient to work out my wife & myself long time care insurance. Her pleasant and positive attitude can make everyone will like to deal with. Her professional communication is clearly and effectively with the material easy to understand, and following up closely. We would like highly recommend to anyone who need long time care insurance. Sincerely, R. Tse

Vicki G.

Thank you for your very thorough presentation of the statistics of aging, the associated costs of care, and of some offerings that you chose for my needs. You really know your business and it shows. You have been articulate, and patient, and clarifying any issue as needed. I really thank you,Sarah. It was my pleasure going through this process with your help - Vicki G.

Ginny Scholl

Sarah was a great help in finding us the right Long Term Care plan. I have some arthritis issues and it was hard to find me coverage. Sarah worked very hard finding the right one, then explaining everything to and made sure we understood what we were getting. She was always available for questions, any issues we might have had. I know we can still call on her now and in the future! I would definitely recommend working with Sarah whatever your insurance needs are. Thank you-Ginny

Jack U.

Sarah Fisher communicated clearly and effectively in outlining key elements of various types of Long Term Care plans. My wife and I were able to choose which kind of coverage and plan that fit our needs with very little need for follow up questions. She answered all of our questions and dealt with any concerns we had in a very pleasant and professional manner. As a result, we chose the product and coverage that she recommended for each of us. It was a pleasure working with her to successfully qualify and secure the plan that we needed. We highly recommend Sarah to assist you with securing your individual policy.  - Jack U.

Diana Keith

Sarah was a great help in finding just the right program for our needs. She was infinitely patient and answered all of our questions, providing us with information to help us make a choice that would meet our needs. I especially liked that she wasn't pushy, and was sensitive to our situation. I would recommend Sarah to others should the opportunity arise. Thank you for helping us in our search for LTC. Diana Keith

pepper L

Sarah has been very patiently explained all the questions we had. She found the right TLC policy cover internationally to suit our special needs. We are very pleased with working with her.   P. Lee

Steven and Karen E

From the onset of our inquiry, Sarah was professional,sensitive to your needs and our financial concerns. Never was she pushy but followed up many times only to ask if we had questions or concerns that she can answer. She made time around our busy schedules and always made her self available, quickly returning calls and answered emails promptly. She made it easy to work over email. Her presentations were easy to follow and examples were made clear. Sarah's professionalism and knowledge base made it an easy decision for us to work through her. I would recommend Sarah for others should an opportunity present itself. Thank you.  - Steve and Karen

David K.

I can't recommend Sarah highly enough. We recently enrolled in LTHC plans that she carefully crafted for us after she spent a lot of time interviewing us, probing for needs and enabling us to think ahead to the years when we'll need the coverage rather than today, when we can't imagine needing it. She ran scenarios, without complaint, until our curiosity was exhausted. Sarah was very scrupulous about discussing other insurers' offerings, too, and provided fact-based comparisons for everyone we asked about. If you're looking for a high-caliber person to shepherd you through a decision process that's right for you, Sarah Fisher is that person. Thank you, Sarah, for all your help.  - David

Laura L

Sarah was knowledgeable, helpful and very patient throughout the entire process of choosing a LTC product. She kept us on track without being pushy, and was very patient when I was getting cold feet near the final signature. I highly recommend Sarah Fisher. - Laura

Amy Cichowski

I would like to praise Sarah on the professionalism that she demonstrated as I learned about and purchased a LTC policy. Sarah communicated very clear and precise information that helped me understand exactly what I needed and what I got. Sarah was also very patient as it took some time for me to make a decision, she was always willing to share/show different scenarios to help me. Her follow up was outstanding. I never had to wonder what the next step was. I would highly recommend Sarah, she is truly a professional.-Amy

Ann Wright

Sarah Fisher helped find the right type of health plan for us, and persevered (when we were first denied coverage) long past the time when I was ready to give up. She was consistently friendly and extremely competent in relating the various health plans to us so that we could understand them. Not easy!! She got us through a morass of details with great patience. I recommend her highly and would advise our friends to let her help them with all types of insurance. Plus, she had a great sense of humor  - A. Wright


Sarah is very knowledgeable about the ramifications benefits of the many policies. Her explanations are very clear, making what could be a bewildering amount of information understandable and accessible. I am very appreciative of her patience and professionalism, especially in providing responsive, timely follow up and her ability to meet changing needs.   -C.Cole

Valery Forbes

Sarah was very knowledgeable, efficient, and pleasant to interact with. She was able to explain things clearly and it was particularly helpful to share her computer screen and work through scenarios while speaking on the phone. Overall we have been very satisfied with the service provide. - V. Forbes

Mike Blanchard

Sarah was informative, educational and professional throughout all our interactions. Her guidance and leading us thru the complexities of LTC Insurance were much appreciated. She constantly proposed options and provided information that gave us much to think about. I will recommend her without hesitation to my former work colleagues who are approaching or undergoing retirement and who are confronting these same decisions. -M. Blanchard

Dennis Richards

Sarah is very professional and customer-oriented. She carefully explained (and patiently explained again) the ins-and-outs of LTHC and the options available for my wife and me. When we felt comfortable with her presentation and approach, we decided to proceed with the application for a policy. Sarah is always available for questions and is prompt in providing information. We are happy with the service and would recommend Sarah to our friends. -D. Richards


My wife and I have sat through several LTC presentations from different entities and came to Sarah quite informed; or at least we thought we were. Her presentation was enlightening, thorough, and comprehensive. She did not consider any question we asked as too simple to answer. She presented a wide array of plans and options to suit our needs and budget. Sarah always kept prearranged appointments and handled herself in a professional demeanor. She is extremely knowledgeable and is focused on helping her clients. We would recommend her without hesitation. --
W smith

David Hatz

Friendly, informative, forthcoming, and a sense of humor. Answered all questions honest, no BS. Obviously, it's not the most pleasant subject to talk about, but Sarah made it most tolerable (even enjoyable at times). She is a consummate professional. Would highly recommend her to anyone needing LTC. -David Hatz


Sarah is very professional. She answered all our questions about LTC and was always available. I will be recommending her to our friends and associates! -P. Marmer

Robin Mialocq

The subject of long term care is not an easy subject to think about. But knowing there is options to help with the expense is reassuring. Sarah was very informative and patient with the amount of time it took me to decide on whether I even wanted a plan. I thank her for sticking with me and answering my questions as they popped into my head. Please keep up the good work. I would recommend her to other friends. - Robin Mialocq

Frances K.

I was very pleased with meeting and working with Sarah. She is intelligent, communicates well, and knows her material exceptionally well. I have recommended her to whomever shows interest in long term health insurance. Frances K.

B. M. Kosovic

Sarah, I wish to thank you for guiding me through the long term care options. Although I figured out that I am too old to jump into such plans, I appreciate your professional attitude.  B. M. Kosovic

Roger and Kim Lee

Sarah gave an excellent presentation on Long Term Care Insurance. It helped to be able to follow her online presentation while she spoke to us over the phone. She is knowledgeable, informative and spent as much time as we needed to answer all of our questions. We appreciated her flexibility when scheduling our appointment and would definitely recommend her to anyone that is interested in a Long Term Care policy - Roger and Kim L. 

Kazan Gee

Sarah was very informative and helpful on the phone and in person as I was inquiring about Long Term Care insurance. She helped me to understand the different plans and options and worked with me to fit my budget and needs. She was available and worked around my crazy schedule and made it easier to communicate with her. I recommended her to a friend and she now has Long Term Care insurance also! I would recommend her to others as well.    K. Gee

Carly O.

Sarah did a great job explaining everything I needed to know about Long Term Care insurance. I am happy with the plan I decided on and I would recommend Sarah to my friends and family.  Carly O.

Debbie B.

Excellent service....spent time with me on the phone answering questions and I felt like I under stood what was said.  -- Debbie B.

Connie Wiebe

Sarah was very informative and helpful as I was looking for Long Term Care insurance information. She was open to different plans and options and worked with me to fit my budget and needs. She worked around my schedule and made it easy to communicate. Thank you.  -- Connie W.

Dan S.

Sarah; Cindy and I would like to thank you again for your professional manner, knowledgeable input and appreciated patience while assisting us in obtaining our LTC coverage.You provided clear options for our consideration and the whole process was comfortable for us because of you.We appreciate the service given and will be recommending you to our friends for sure !  --- Dan S.

Renee E.

Sarah's presentation was very informative and easy to follow. There was no pressure to purchase a certain plan. After listening to her,I gained a realistic view of what I need to do in order to ensure that my health needs will be met. Sarah is very freindly, yet she is a professional who knows what she's talking about.  -- Rene E

Lisa Cirill and Kevin Shirley

Sarah: Kevin joins me in thanking you for your terrific efforts in securing a Long Term Care Insurance Plan that perfectly suits our needs. We greatly appreciate your dedication to us throughout the process - you really went above and beyond in your thoroughness and thoughtfulness to serve us. And most importantly, we are grateful to you for your continued support, your incredible content experise, and your professionalism and congeniality while we were deciding upon a plan - a Long Term Care Insurance Plan that gives us a tremendous sense of security and comfort. Please know that we will strongly recommend you to any of our family and friends in the future. Wishing you the best of health, Lisa

Shirley McElhattan

I love Sarah! She made sure I understood everything she was telling me. Was dilligent about getting me the best quote for my wishes. She is very thourough and helpful and I recommend her to anyone considering LTC insurance for sure!  --- S. McElhattan

Daniel McNamara

The experience of determining the right LTC policy fit for us was long but Sarah's approach was patient, professional, consistent, informative and unpressured. I had been previously contacted by a LTC agent from another company prior to Sarah who was relentless and eventually became very annoying. Two months after that bad experience, Sarah contacted us, so I was a bit reluctant to proceed. Her sales approach made me feel comfortable, unrushed and more confident as we faced so many detailed choices to fit our needs. Sarah is very knowledgeable of her product and was a great coach in helping us in reaching our LTC goal. Thank you, Sarah! --- D. McNamara

B. Druliner

Sarah Fisher made the difficult process of determining which Long Term Care insurance would be appropriate for my future needs concise, informative, and very helpful. She was thorough, knowledgeable, and persistent throughout the process. I am very appreciative for her guidance and professionalism. -- B. Druliner

Aleathea Langone

Thank you Sarah, you were a pleasure to work with. I appreciate your time. -  A. Langone

Betty Woo

I have talked to other agents before Sarah. Sarah was the only one that could answer all my questions clearly, convincingly, and with facts and figures to back up her point. She was also very persistent, patient, and guided me through the whole process of preparing for the interview. In short, she is the best. -- Betty W.

Karen J. Beck

I've really enjoyed (not that the implications of Long Term Care are particularly enjoyable!) meeting Sarah and becoming educated on LTC by her. After having spoken to another Rep for a specific LTC Provider, and feeling completely overwhelmed and lost, it was such a relief to speak with Sarah. She absolutely knows her product, and she explained it in such a way that I not only understood what she was talking about, but I also was able to come up with questions (that she was able to easily answer). (The other guy left me so confused that I couldn't begin to ask questions.) I feel like I've chosen the perfect LTC Rep for my future needs (should they arise). Please don't hesitate to contact Sarah for a sense of peace regarding any potential future needs. --- K. Beck.

Judy Shepherd

Sarah is, without a doubt, one of the most professional, non-pressure individuals I've ever dealt with. Obtaining LTC is something I've wanted to do for a few years but the process intimidated me because I had no clue about anything. After another salesperson 'chased' me for over a year, came to my house for a presentation, etc., he could never 'close the deal'. From the moment I spoke with Sarah, I knew she was The One. :) Not only was I educated in so many areas of this subject, I never once felt the slightest bit of intimidation. I couldn't recommend her more. And, the best news of all...I finally have Long Term Care!!!   J. Shepherd

Heather Barloga

Sarah is very professional and knowledgeable about Long-term Care Insurance. She was very responsive and incredibly helpful in assisting me to obtain coverage after one company declined my application. I am very appreciative and highly recommend her. -- Heather B.

John G.

Sara did a good job in walking me through the process and follow up to ensure things went smoothly. I would recommend her for future clients.  -- John G.

nan butterworth

I found Sarah to be very knowledgeable, professional in her approach, able to describe a rather complicated form of insurance in an understandable manner, as were her materials that she provided. She was also quite prompt in her responsiveness and follow up, although not at all intrusive. I recommend her!  --  N. Butterworth

Tom & Denya Jur

We received excellent advise and explanation of our options in selecting long term care for both of us. Sarah was and is always available to help and answer questions and concerns. She is very detail oriented and follows up with every aspect of our long term care. We both feel we are in great hands with her as our guide :) -- Tom and Denya J

Earlaine Williams

I met Sarah some time ago and was not ready to think about LTC. When my Mom's health declined and I had to investigate the options for LTC my eyes were opened, WIDE. My Mom passed away before needing that level of care but it brought my possible need for LTC front and center. I called Sarah. She is the consummate professional and knows the industry inside out. She made sure the process moved swiftly and kept us advised along the way. If you are ready to buy LTC insurance do yourself a favor and call Sarah, you'll be very pleased with the result.--  Earlaine W.

J R Dessai

Sarah Fisher has done an excellent job in providing me various options for LTC, more than any other LTC specialist has done so far. She is extremely knowledgable in her field and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others. Were I to purchase LTC insurance any time in the future, I will certainly call on her expertise to provide me the necessary options. Her follow up is very good -- JR Dessai 

Rev. Billye Austin

My experience with Sarah Fisher was outstanding. She provided information every step of the way about the process & what I could expect at each point. She was extremely knowledgeable about Long Term Care Insurance & advised me on the pros & cons of the various options. She responded quickly (almost instantly) to every question or request for information. I am very pleased with the plan I have chosen, thanks to Sarah & the information & options she gave me. -- Rev. Billye Austin  
Thank you Sarah for your guidance and persistence in the process of obtaining my long-term care insurance. Your unfailing optimism through the challenging requirements is what got us to the finish… Read More

Bob Brunsman

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